The Advanced Railcar Management System (ARMS®) is an interactive information and management resource developed, hosted and managed by RGCX. ARMS® is an essential tool for RGCX as it helps to efficiently manage the RGCX fleet by allowing easy access to railcar equipment information as well as to lease information using most web-enabled devices such as computers, tablets and smart phones. Information is available to all levels of management for handling day-to-day activities and for planning and forecasting. It is accessible 24/7 through Internet connectivity and to multiple users simultaneously.

Through the ARMS® system, RGCX is able to provide its customers with access to their fleet's data.

ARMS® Features:


• Car location and events (CLM) history
• Repair and maintenance history
• Keep track of derailments
• Railcar specifications
• Inspections
• Monitor and manage bad orders
• Electronic photo file
• Mileage history


• Lease information, current and historical  
• House an eletronic database for lease contracts documents  
• Generate Depreciated Value snapshot of the fleet  
• Generate on-demand current and historical RGCX's Fleet Reports  
• Generate mileage reports  
• Generate CHDX data  


• Receive and process billing repair cards' 500B files  
• Generate repair invoices  
• Generate billing repair cards' 500B files  
• Audit of railroad and private shop repair bills using an audit system design to detect
incorrect bills, improper repairs, and customer responsible repairs
• Search current and historical Price Matrix data by job code  


• Generate Ad Valorem reports  
• Reconciliation of bills and invoices with the accounting department